IPS Transfer & Posting 2017 and onwards

Title ips_transfer&posting_notification ips_transfer&posting_notification_date ips_transfer&posting_notification_pdf
Transfer & Posting of Smt. Sudha Singh, IPS(RR-2006) at Present SP, Jagatsinghpur are Placed at the Disposal of the GOI, MHA, Appointment as a SP, (CBI).. HOME-IPS-SANC2-27795 16-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2-277950001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri N K Kanodia, IPS(RR-2003) Present DIG of Police, EOW, BBSR are Placed at the Disposal of the GOI, MHA, Appointment as a Director. HOME-IPS-SANC2-27161 11-07-2019 PDF icon NKKanodia_transfer.pdf
Mr. Shefeen Ahamed K, IPS(OD-2003) on repatriation from inter Cadre deputation is posted as DIG of Police, Hdqrs., Odisha, Cuttack HOME-IPS-SANC2-15430 05-04-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2-154300001.pdf
Shri Ashis Kumar Singh (RR-2004) at present DIG, Intelligence (I/c CM's Security) is allowed to remain in Addl. Charge of STF, Odisha, BBSR. HOME-IPS-TRS-8675 22-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-86750001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of IPS Officers. HOME-IPS-TRS-7645 16-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-76450001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-IPS-TRS-7688 18-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-76880001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of IPS Officers. HOME-IPS-TRS-7447 15-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-74470001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-IPS-TRS-6774 12-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-67740001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of IPS Officers. HOME-IPS-TRS-2671 17-01-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-26710001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Dr. Satyajit Naik, IPS (RR-2008) at present, SP, STF, CID-CB, Odisha are placed at the disposal of the GOI,MHA appointment as SP, NIA, deputation for four years. HOME-IPS-TRS-2250 15-01-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-22500001.pdf