Office Establishment-I

Subject Notification/Order Date PDF
Distribution of Section HOME-OEI-TRS-26602 08-07-2019 PDF icon partha_mishra_AS.pdf
Authorized Officer HOME-OEI-MISC-22832 10-06-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-MISC-228320001.pdf
Distribution of Section HOME-OEI-TRS-22335 04-06-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-TRS-223350001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-OEI-TRS-21748 31-05-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-TRS-217480001.pdf
Authorized Officer HOME-OEI-MISC-21693 30-05-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-MISC-216930001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-OEI-TRS-20259 20-05-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-TRS-202590001.pdf
Joining of Sri Sambhu Bagh, SO HOME-OEI-TRS-19654 15-05-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-TRS-196540001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-OEI-TRS-19002 10-05-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-TRS-190020001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-OEI-TRS-13443 23-03-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-TRS-134430001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-OEI-TRS-11674 13-03-2019 PDF icon HOME-OEI-TRS-116740001.pdf