OSS Retirement

Subject Notification No. Date PDF
2 (two) Officers in OSS Cadre are retire from Govt. Service w.e.f.31.12.2016 (A.N.) HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-45029 14-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-45029-DT.14.12.2016.pdf
4 (Four) Officers in OSS Cadre are allowed to retire from Govt. Service w.e.f. 30.11.2016 (A.N.). HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-40028 10-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-40028-DT.10.11.2016.pdf
Retirement of 6 (Six) Officers in OSS Cadre w.e.f.31.10.2016 HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-38039 27-10-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-38039-DT.27.10.2016.pdf
CORRIGENDUM of Home Department Notification No-33403/OSS Dated.21.09.2016 HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-33840 24-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-33840-DT.24.09.2016.pdf
Retirement of 11 (eleven) Officers in OSS Cadre w.e.f. from 30.09.2016 (A.N.) home-oss-rtmt-0001-2016-33403 21-09-2016 PDF icon home-oss-rtmt-0001-2016-33403-dt.21.09.2016.pdf
Retirement of Sri Jagannath Sahoo, Under Secretary of OSS Cadre HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-30732 31-08-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-30732-DT.31.08.2016.pdf
Retirement of Sri Sarat Kumar Sethy, Dy. Secretary as on 31.08.2016 HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-30525 30-08-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-30525-DT.30.08.2016.pdf
Retirement of Sri Anadi Jagadalla (SC), Section Officer of MSME Department HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-28431 12-08-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-0001-2016-28431-DT.12.08.2016.pdf
In pursuance of Finance Department Resolution No.19408/F Dated 28.06.2014 the retirement Notification issued vide Home Department No.23830 Dt.23.06.2014 is here by cancelled . HOME-OSS-RTMT-0002-2014 24885 01-07-2014 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RIMT-0002-2014-24885-DT.01.07.2014.pdf