Police Administration Creation

Subject Office Order No. Date PDF
Raising of one more Specialized India Reserve Battalion (SIRB) in the State. 38704 19-11-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN1-0185-2014-38704-DT.19.11.2015.pdf
Establishment of an Outpost near existing Cement manufacturing Units at Biswali ( a Unit of OCL India Ltd. ) under Tangi Police Station in Cuttack District. 36791 03-11-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN2-0261-2015-36791-DT.03.11.2015.pdf
Creation of posts for the Special Task Force 35332 16-10-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN2-0189-2015-35332-DT-16.10.2015.pdf
Creation of manpower for the newly sanctioned of Police Outpost inside the AIIMs premises Sijua under Khandagiri P.S. of Bhubaneswar UPD 27872(M) 20-08-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN2-0096-2014-27872(M)-DT.20.08.2015.pdf
Creation of posts for up-gradation of Govt. Railway Outpost, Puri to that of a Police Station with a Mobile Govt. Railway Outpost under Railway Police District, Cuttack. 26785(M) 12-08-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN 1-0020-2015-26785(M)-DT.12.08.2015.pdf
Establishment of a Police Station at Talabania Grid Station Chhaka, Puri in Puri district 23514(M) 16-07-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN2-0191-2015-23514(M)-DT.16.07.2015.pdf
Creation of Posts for establishment of Investigating Units for Crimes Against Women ( IUCAW ) 22404(M) 07-07-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN 1-0040-2015-22404(M)-DT.07.07.2015.pdf
Creation of two Police Sub-Divisions i.e one at Dhamnagar in Bhadrak Police District and second at Purusottampur in Ganjam Police District with creation of Posts. 17926(M) 02-06-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-MISC-0033-2015(Pt)-17926(M)-DT.02.06.2015.pdf
Establishment of Puri Traffic Police Station in Puri city of Puri District. 17741(M) 01-06-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA-1-CRTN2-0191-2015-17741(M)-Dt.-01.06.2015.pdf
Creation of posts for opening and operationalization of Tourist Police Cells in 8 ( eight ) Police Stations in the State 17521(M) 29-05-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN 2-0041-2015(Pt.)-17521(M)-dt.29.05.2015.pdf