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Subject Office Order No. Date PDF
The State Govt. hereby constitute State Level Committee members for proper moniitoring of the implementation of e-Prisons Project in the Jails of Odisha. HOME-JAIL-MISC-27526 23-06-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-MISC-275260001.pdf
CORRIGENDUM HOME-JAIL-APMT1-27104 21-06-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-APMT1-271040001.pdf
Government appointment 06 (six) member as Non-Official Visitors in respect of Circle Jail, Sambalpur. HOME-JAIL-CASE1-25115 05-06-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-CASE1-251150001.pdf
Government appointment 06 (six) member as Non-Official Visitors in respect of Circle Jil, Cuttack. HOME-JAIL-CASE1-20857 10-05-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-CASE1-208570001.pdf
A Committee for Selection of Sr. Supdt. of Circle Jails to the post of IG of Prisons. HOME-JAIL-RULE-12293 16-03-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-RULE-122930001.pdf
As per para-22 of Finance Deptt. Resolution No. 26342/F dt. 07.09.2017 which stipulates that in consideration to pay anomaly, the scale of pay. HOME-JAIL-SVCOND-179 03-01-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-SVCOND-1790001.pdf
State Government declare the place comprising the land schedule herein and the building appurtenant thereto for the detention of prisoners to be the new location /place of District Jail, puri with effect from the date of publication of the order. HOME-JAIL-BLDG-22381 09-06-2017 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-BLDG-22381.pdf
Publication of Final gradation list of Sr. Superintendent of Circle Jails (Group-A) for the Year-2017. HOME-JAIL-GRDN-22050 06-06-2017 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-GRDN-220500001.pdf
Final gradation list of Custodial Cadre Officers Senior Superintendents of Circle Jails (Group-A) of Prisons Directorate. HOME-JAIL-GRDN-0001-2016-29315 22-08-2016 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-GRDN-0001-2016-29315-DT.22.08.2016.pdf
Final gradation list of Custodial Cadre Officers Superintendents of District Jails (Group-B) of Prisons Directorate. HOME-JAIL-GRDN-0001-2016-29317 22-08-2016 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-GRDN-0001-2016-29317-DT.22.08.2016.pdf