Prison Promotion & Posting

Subject Office Order No. Date PDF
Promotion of 05 (five) Jr. Correctional Officers are promoted to the rank of District Probation Officers. HOME-JAIL-APMT1-26807 20-06-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-APMT1-268070001.pdf
Promotion of Sri Rabindranath Swain, Supdt. Spl. Jail, BBSR is promoted to the rank of Sr. Supdt. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-22162 17-05-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-221620001.pdf
2 (two) Superintendents of District Jails are promoted to the rank of Sr. Superintendents . HOME-JAIL-PMTN-18544 25-04-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-185440001.pdf
Promotion of Sri Raghunath Majhi, Sr. Supdt., Circle Jail, Berhampur is promoted to the rank of Dy. IG of Prisons. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-16254 11-04-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-162540001.pdf
Promotion & Posting of Sr. Superintendents of Circle Jails to the rank of Dy. IG of Prisons. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-9118 03-03-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-91180001.pdf
Promotion & Posting of Sri Prasanta Kumar Hara, Dist. Probation Officer, Balasore to the rank of Regional Probation Officer. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-8742 26-02-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-87420001.pdf
Promotion of Sri Ramesh Chandra Singh, Asst. Audit Officer, Directorate of Prisons & CS, Odisha ro the rank of Audit Officer HOME-JAIL-PMTN-36700 03-10-2017 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-367000001.pdf
Promotion & Posting of Sr. Officers HOME-JAIL-TRS-0001-2016-3181 25-01-2017 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-TRS-0001-2016-3181-DT.25.01.2017.pdf
Promotion of Superintendents of District Jails. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-0001-2016-33900 24-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-0001-2016-33900-DT.24.09.2016.pdf
Promotion of Sri Satrughna Behera, Section Officer, Directorate of Prisons & Correctional Services, Odisha. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-0004-2016-33925 24-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-0004-2016-33925-DT.24.09.2016.pdf