SPS Section (Retirement)

Subject Office Order No Date PDF
Retirement of OPS / OAPS cadre & DSP, PMT, Officers w.e.f. 31.08.2018 (A.N) HOME-SPS-RTMT-34000 06-08-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-340000001.pdf
Retirement of 04 (four) OPS Cadre Officers w.e.f. 31.07.2018 (A.N) HOME-SPS-RTMT-29287 05-07-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-292870001.pdf
Retirement of 06 (six) OPS & OAPS Cadre Officer's w.e.f. 30.06.2018 (A.N) HOME-SPS-RTMT-25414 07-06-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-254140001.pdf
Retirement of Sri Kanhu Charan Mohapatra, OPS-I, Addl. SP, Spl. Branch, BBSR w.e.f.30.06.2018 (AN) HOME-SPS-SVCOND-24769 02-06-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-SVCOND-247690001.pdf
Retirement of Three (03) Officers of OPS Cadre & Private Secretary w.e.f. 31.05.2018 (A N). HOME-SPS-RTMT-19989 04-05-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-199890001.pdf
Retirement of OPS & Asst. Director SFSL officers w.e.f. 31.04.2018 (A.N) HOME-SPS-RTMT-16796 12-04-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-167960001.pdf
The date of birth of Sri Krushna Chandra Rana, Establishment Officer, O/o the IG of Police, CR, Cuttack may be read as 26.02.1958 instead of 01.03.1958. HOME-SPS-RTMT-12637 20-03-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-126370001.pdf
Retirement of Sri Krushna Chandra Rana, Establishment Officer, O/o the IG, CR, Cuttack w.e.f 28.02.2018 (AN) HOME-SPS-RTMT-8027 22-02-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-80270001.pdf
Officers of OPS & Asst. Director, SFSL Cadre retirement of his service w.e.f. 28.02.2018 (A.N) HOME-SPS-RTMT-5110 06-02-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-51100001.pdf
Retirement of OPS/OAPS Officers Cadre w.e.f. 31.01.2018 (AN) HOME-SPS-RTMT-1312 10-01-2018 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-13120001.pdf