SPS Section (Retirement)

Subject Office Order No Date PDF
2 (two) Police Officers of OAPS Cadre are allowed to retire fro Govt. Service w.e.f.31.12.2016 (AN) HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-46658 22-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-46658-DT.22.12.2016.pdf
Retirement of Shri P. Manmath Rao, OAPS-I, Commandant (SAG), OSAP 1st IR Bn., Upper Kolab, Koraput w.e.f 30.11.2016(AN) HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-43630 03-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-43630-DT.03.12.2016.pdf
Retirement of 8 (Eight) Police Officers of OPS/ OAPS Cadre & 1 (One) Private Secretary of State Police Hdqrs., Cuttack. HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-39747 09-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-39747-DT.09.11.2016.pdf
Retirement of 7 (Seven) Police Officers of OPS/ OAPS Cadre. HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-37163 22-10-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-37163-DT.22.10.2016.pdf
Retirement of 5 (Five) Police Officers & 1 (One) Establishment Officer of State Police Hdqrs., Cuttack w.e.f. 30.09.2016 (A.N.) HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-34195 27-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-34195-DT.27.09.2016.pdf
Retirement of Sri Pitabas Padhi, OPS, Dy. S P, Special Branch, BBSR w.e.f. 30.09.2016 (A.N.) voluntarily in terms of Rule-42(2) of the O C S (Pension) Rules, 1992. HOME-SPS-SVCOND-0025-2016-33793 23-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-SVCOND-0025-2016-33793-DT.23.09.2016.pdf
Retirement of Sri Radhashyam Mohapatra, OPS, SDPO, Deogarh, w.e.f. 30.09.2016 (A.N.) voluntarily in terms of Rule-42(2) of the OCS Pension Rules, 1992. HOME-SPS-SVCOND-0029-2016-33650 23-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-SVCOND-0029-2016-33650-DT.23.09.2016.pdf
Smt. Bidyutlata Nayak, OPS-I, A.I.G. of Police, Marine Police, State Police Hdqrs., Cuttack is allowed to retire from Government Service with effect from 31.08.2016(AN). HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-29358 22-08-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-29358-DT.22.08.2016.pdf
Officers of OPS/OAPS Cadre are allowed to retire from Government service HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-28840 17-08-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2016-28840-DT.17.08.2016.pdf
Retirement of 4(Four) Gazetted Officers under Home Department is hereby cancelled, pursuant to Finance Department Resolution No.Pen-104/2014-19408/F, Dated 28.06.2014. 24781 30-06-2014 PDF icon HOME-SPS-RTMT-0001-2014-24781-DT.30.06.2014.pdf