Subject Date Number C & HR BRANCH PDF
Odisha Victim Compensation Scheme, 2017 20-10-2018 HOME-CPM-CASE1-44108 PDF icon HOME-CPM-CASE1-441080001.pdf
Odisha Victim Compensation Scheme 2017 Ammended. 20-10-2018 HOME-CPM-CASE1-44108 PDF icon victim_compensation.pdf
Implimentation of Direction of Hon' ble Supreme Court of India in WP (C) No. 754 of 2016 in respect of No. A (ix) under the heading Preventive Measures. 06-10-2018 HOME-CPM-CASE1-42519 PDF icon 42519.pdf
Prevention of various kinds of rumours & unverified news such as of child-lifting,theft, cattle smuggling etc & for adopting effective measures to prevent & curb such incidents of violence & lynching by mobs. 06-08-2018 HOME-CPM-CASE1-34014 PDF icon HOME-CPM-CASE1-340140001.pdf
Measures for wide publicity of the direction of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India on Prevention of incidents of violence & lynching by mobs. 06-08-2018 HOME-CPM-CASE1-34009 PDF icon HOME-CPM-CASE1-340090001.pdf
Guidelines for addressing immifration issues for citizens of the state of Odisha and its redressal thereof 25-07-2017 HOME-CHR-MISC-28439 PDF icon 28439.PDF
Constitution of Panel of Exports for is District to inspect concerned District Jails/ Central Jails on month basic and submission of Reports/ recommendations to the State Legal Services Authority. 07-06-2017 HOME-CHR-MISC-22180 PDF icon HOME-CHR-MISC-221800001.pdf
Ban of Chinese Manza 29-08-2016 HOME-CHR-CASE3-0150-2016-30308 PDF icon HOME-CHR-CASE3-0150-2016-30308-DT.29.08.2016.pdf
Preventive detention of any person (including a foreigner) from Illicittraffic in Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic substances under section 3. 30-11-2016 HOME-CHR-MISC-0022-2016-43058 PDF icon HOME-CHR-MISC-0022-2016-43058-DT.30.11.2016.pdf
Traffic Management Committee 29-11-2016 HOME-PROS-COMTTE-0001-2016-42895 PDF icon HOME-PROS-COMTTE-0001-2016-42895-DT.29.11.2016.pdf