Promotion & Posting

Sl. No. Subject Notification/Resolution/Office Order No. Date PDF
1 Promotion of Sri Kshetra Mohan Naik, Admin. Officer, Combined Health Directorate, Odisha under HOD Common Cadre is hereby promoted to the rank of Sr. Admin. Officer. HOME-CC-PMTN-3485 22-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-34850001.pdf
2 CORRIGENDUM HOME-CC-PMTN-25 01-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-250001.pdf
3 14 (fourteen) Establishment Officers of HOD under HOD Common Cadre are hereby Promoted to the rank of AO. HOME-CC-PMTN-57972 30-12-2019 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-579720001.pdf
4 Home Deptt. Letter No-50941/CC, dt. 07.12.2019, Sri Govinda Ch Mohapatra, Sr. Gr. Typist, SD & TE Deptt. is posted to Law Deptt. is hereby reposted in SD & TE Deptt. HOME-CC-PMTN-57508 24-12-2019 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-575080001.pdf
5 Promotion of 02 (two) Sr. Gr. Typists are promoted to the rank of Supdt. Level-II. HOME-CC-PMTN-54431 06-12-2019 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-544310001.pdf
6 Promotion of Sri Braja Kishore Moharana, Supdt. Level-II, Finance Deptt. is promoted to the rank of Supdt. Level-I. HOME-CC-PMTN-46621 23-10-2019 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-466210001.pdf
7 Promotion of Sri Md. Hussain, Sr. Gr. Typist, GA (Vigilance) Dept. promoted to the post of Supdt. Level-II. HOME-CC-PMTN-45854 18-10-2019 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-458540001.pdf
8 01 (one) Asst. DPO post of Finance Deptt. incumbent Sri Brundaban Mohapatra is hereby transferred to P & C Deptt. HOME-CC-PMTN-45372 17-10-2019 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-453720001.pdf
9 Promotion of 12 Sr. Gr. Typists are Promoted to the rank of Supdt. Level-II of Home Deptt. Cadre. HOME-CC-PMTN-42331 24-09-2019 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-423310001.pdf
10 Promotion of Superintendent, Level-II HOME-CC-PMTN-0002-2014 28871 31-07-2014 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-0002-2014-28871-DT.31.07.2014.pdf