Promotion & Posting

Sl. No. Subject Notification/Resolution/Office Order No. Date PDF
11 Promotion of Sri Dasarathi Sethi, Administrative Officer, O/o the EIC(WR) Promoted to the rank of Sr. Administrative Officer. HOME-CC-PMTN-17708 20-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-17708-DT. 20.05.2020.pdf
12 Corrigendum No-10627/CC dt. 02.03.2020 Sri Basudev Mallick, EO, BOR who was Promoted to the rank of AO & Posted to Directorate of Industries is hereby re-posted in BOR. HOME-CC-PMTN-12604 13-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-126040001.pdf
13 Promotion of Sri Prakash Kumar Mishra, EO, EIC (PH) who was Promoted to the rank of Administrative Officer. HOME-CC-PMTN-11834 07-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-118340001.pdf
14 02 (two) Sr. Gr. Typists are Promoted to the rank of Supdt. Level-II HOME-CC-PMTN-11036 04-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-110360001.pdf
15 CORRIGENDUM home-cc-pmtn-10627 02-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-106270001.pdf
16 13 (thirteen) Establishment Officers of different HODs under HODs Common Cadre are Promoted to the rank of Administrative Officer. HOME-CC-PMTN-10618 02-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-106180001.pdf
17 Transfer & Posting of Supdt. Level-II HOME-CC-APMT1-10216 28-02-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-APMT1-102160001.pdf
18 Promotion of Sri Kshetra Mohan Naik, Admin. Officer, Combined Health Directorate, Odisha under HOD Common Cadre is hereby promoted to the rank of Sr. Admin. Officer. HOME-CC-PMTN-3485 22-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-34850001.pdf
19 CORRIGENDUM HOME-CC-PMTN-25 01-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-250001.pdf
20 14 (fourteen) Establishment Officers of HOD under HOD Common Cadre are hereby Promoted to the rank of AO. HOME-CC-PMTN-57972 30-12-2019 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-579720001.pdf