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Shri Abilash G, IPS (RR-2018) on completion of Anti-Extremist Tactic Course at SOG T & R Centre, Chandaka, BBSR is posted as ASP, Malkangiri. HOME-IPS-APMT1-37269 18-11-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-APMT1-372690001.pdf
MHA, GOI in exercise of the Power conferred Under Sub-Rule (2) of Rule 5 of IPS (Cadre) Rules-I, 954 Govt. of WB & Govt. of Odisha Ms. Loganayagi Divya V. IPS (WB-2013) from WB to Odisha IPS Cadre on the ground of her marriage with Shri Rahul P.R., IPS. HOME-IPS-SVCOND-27688 20-08-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SVCOND-276880001.pdf
Shri Amitabh Thakur, IPS, IG of Police, Operation allowed to function as Spl. Secy, Home Deptt. to look after relating COVID-19 is hereby withdrawn in view of closure of the COVID-19 control in the Home Deptt. HOME-IPS-TRS-22529 01-07-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-225290001.pdf
Shri Ravi Kant, IPS(RR-1998) at Present Spl. Resident Commissioner, Odisha Bhawan, New Delhi is designated as Resident Commissioner, Odisha, New Delhi. HOME-IPS-TRS-18234 28-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-182340001.pdf
Shri Amitabh Thakur, IPS (RR-1998) IG,Operation,to Function as Spl. Secy. Home Deptt. HOME-IPS-TRS-14647 27-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-14647.pdf
Extend the Service period of Shri Abhay, IPS, DG & IG of Police (HoPF) Odisha till 31.12.2021 to make his tenture 2 years as DG & IG of Police (HoPF) as per the OM. HOME-IPS-RCMDN-13229 18-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-RCMDN-132290001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri Manoj Kumar Chhabra, IPS (RR-1988) at present Spl. DG, SAP, Odisha is kept in Addl. Charge of Spl. DG of Prisons & DCS in addition to his own duties HOME-IPS-TRS-51936 22-11-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-519360001.pdf
Spl. DG of Prisons, Additional Charge 51936 22-11-2019 PDF icon prisons_dg_additional.pdf
Sri Abhaya, IPS (RR-1986) at Present Director, SVPNPA, Hyderabad on Central Deputation is appointed as DGP (Head of Police Force) Odisha. HOME-IPS-TRS-51446 20-11-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-514460001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of IPS Officers. HOME-IPS-TRS-51440 20-11-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-514400001.pdf