IPS Retirement

Subject Notification No. Date PDF
Retirement of Shri Surendra Panwar, IPS (RR-1987), Spl. DG, BSF (WC) Chandigarh w.e.f. 31.08.2021 (A.N) HOME-IPS-RTMT-22326 28-06-2021 PDF icon HOME-IPS-RTMT-22326.pdf
Dr. Satayjit Mohanty, IPS (RR-1988) Ex- DG FS CG HG & Dir. CD, Odisha is Retd. voluntarily from IPS. HOME-IPS-SANC2-16636 23-04-2021 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2-16636.pdf
Retirement of Shri Mahendra Pratap, IPS (RR-1990) Addl. DG of Police-cum-Director PS & P, Odisha w.e.f. 31.12.2020 (A.N) HOME-IPS-RTMT-24268 16-07-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-RTMT-242680001.pdf
Shri Sunil Roy, IPS (RR-1987) DG, FS, CG, HG, is allowed to ritire from Govt. Services w.e.f. 31.05.2020 (A.N) HOME-IPS-RTMT-13629 19-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-RTMT-136290001.pdf
VRS of DR. R P Sharma, IPS(RR-1986) Ex-DG of Police. HOME-IPS-SANC2-44931 15-10-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2-449310001.pdf
Retirement of Shri Kunwar Brajesh Singh, IPS (RR-1985) CMD, OSRTC, Odisha, w.e.f. 31.05.2019 (A.N) HOME-IPS-RTMT-19293 14-05-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-RTMT-192930001.pdf
Retirement of Shri Ramesh Prasad Singh, IPS (RR-1984) w.e.f. 30.11.2018 (A.N) HOME-IPS-RTMT-42351 05-10-2018 PDF icon 42351.pdf
Retirement of Dr. B.K.Behera, IPS (RR-1982), DG of Police, FS & CW, Home Guards & Director Civil Defence, Odisha, Cuttack, w.e.f. 31.10.2017 A.N. HOME-IPS-RTMT-36235 22-09-2017 PDF icon HOME-IPS-RTMT-362350001.pdf
Retirement of Sri S. L. Mukharjee, IPS (RR-1982), at present S P Computer, Bhubaneswar as on 30.09.2016. HOME-IPS-RTMT-0001-2016-31386 07-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-IPS-RTMT-0001-2016-31386-07.09.2016.pdf
Retirement of Sri Sanjeev Marik, IPS (RR-1981) 39627 27-11-2015 PDF icon HOME-IPS-RTMT-0001-2012-39627-DT.27.11.2015.pdf