IPS Transfer & Posting Year-Wise

Title Notification No. Date Download
The services of Shri Himanshu Kumar Lal, IPS(RR-2003) at present DIG, NR, Sambalpur, are placed at the disposal of the GOI, MHA, for appointment as Class-I Executive Cdre of the Cabinet Secretariat on deputation. HOME-IPS-TRS-19003 03-06-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-190030001.pdf
Dr. Soumya Mishra, IPS(RR-1994) who has joined in Odisha on inter Cadre deputation from Telengana is Posted as Addl. DG, Fire Services & HG, Odisha. HOME-IPS-TRS-19157 03-06-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-191570001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of IPS Officers HOME-IPS-TRS-18757 30-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-18757.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri Satyajit Mohanty,IPS HOME-IPS-TRS--18761 30-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-18761.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri Arun Bothra, IPS HOME-IPS-SANC2-18764 30-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2-18764.pdf
Shri Ravi Kant, IPS(RR-1998) at Present Spl. Resident Commissioner, Odisha Bhawan, New Delhi is designated as Resident Commissioner, Odisha, New Delhi. HOME-IPS-TRS-18234 28-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-182340001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri S. Praveen Kumar, IPS (RR-2002) HOME-IPS-SANC2-16932 13-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2'-16932.pdf
Shri Amitabh Thakur, IPS (RR-1998) IG, operation, to Function as Spl. Secy. Home Deptt. HOME-IPS-TRS-14647 27-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-14647.pdf
Shri Radha Kishan Sharma, IPS (RR-1995) at Present Addl. Dir.-cum-ADGP, Intelligence is hereby Posted as Spl. Dir. & Addl. Dir. General of Police, Intelligence, Odisha, BBSR. HOME-IPS-TRS-13161 17-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-131610001.pdf
Shri Pratyush Diwakar, IPS (RR-2015) at Present ADC to His Excellency Governer of Odisha is Transfer & Posted as SP, Nayagarh. HOME-IPS-TRS-9388 25-02-2020 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-93880001.pdf