Promotion & Posting

Sl. No. Subject Notification/Resolution/Office Order No. Date PDF
1 02 (two) Supdt. Level-II working in different Deptt. are Promoted to the rank of Supdt. Level-I. HOME-CC-PMTN-736 07-01-2022 PDF icon 736.pdf
2 04 (four) Sr. Gr. Typists are Promoted to the rank of Supdt. Level-II HOME-CC-PMTN-613 06-01-2022 PDF icon 613.pdf
3 Sri Ashish Kumar Dash, SO, O/o the CE, MI, Odisha, BBSR is Promoted to the rank of EO. PT1-HOME-CC-PMTN-43884 10-12-2021 PDF icon 43884.pdf
4 Ms. Subasini Dei, Peon, R & DM Deptt. is Promoted to the rank of Jr. DEO HOME-CC-PMTN-43330 07-12-2021 PDF icon 43330.pdf
5 Sri Ananta Narayan Mohanty, EO, Combined Health Directorate (DMET), Odisha, BBSR is transferred & posted in PCCF & HoFF, Odisha HOME-CC-MISC-42809 03-12-2021 PDF icon 42809.pdf
6 TrainingProgramme for 1st Batch Jr. DEOs (Newly Recruited) working in Odisha Secretariat. HOME-CC-TRNG-42538 02-12-2021 PDF icon 42538.pdf
7 Sri Pravat Kumar Hota, Jr. DEO, PR & DW Deptt. transferred & posted to PA Deptt. and deployed to O/o the Hon'ble CM, Odisha. PT2-HOME-CC-APMT1-36553 12-10-2021 PDF icon PT2-HOME-CC-APMT1-365530001.pdf
8 Sri Biswajit Mohanty, Asst. DPO, Finance Deptt. was transferred to O/o the DC-cum-ACS is cancelled and posted to Finance Deptt. HOME-CC-PMTN-35644 04-10-2021 PDF icon HOME-CC-PMTN-35644.pdf
9 02 (two) Jr. DEO working in W & CD Deptt. is transferred to Mission Shakti Deptt. HOME-CC-APMT1-35363 01-10-2021 PDF icon HOME-CC-APMT1-35363.pdf
10 Sri Sudarshan Dash, Establishment Officer, State Police Hq. , Cuttack is allowed to retire from Govt. Service Voluntarily w.e.f. 31.10.2021 (A.N) HOME-CC-RTMT-33312 18-09-2021 PDF icon HOME-CC-RTMT-33312.pdf