SPS Section (Promotion)

Subject Office Order No Date PDF
Promotion of Sri Ganesh Ch. Pradhan, OPS Group-A(JB) in the rank of DSP is Promoted to the Grade of OPS(SB) to the rank of Addl. SP. HOME-SPS-PMTN-527 03-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-5270001.pdf
Promotion of OPS Group-A (JB) officers i.e. in the rank of Dy. Superintendent of police . HOME-SPS-PMTN-0030-2016-47821 30-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-0030-2016-47821-DT.30.12.2016.pdf
Promotion of Sri Antaryami Mohapatra, Inspector, Finger Print Bureau . HOME-SPS-PMTN-0042-2016-47223 26-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-0042-2016-47223-DT.26.12.2016.pdf
Shri Santosh Kumar Pattnaik, OPS-I (Retd.), Ex- Addl. S P, CID,CB, Cuttack re-employed as OSD in State Crime Branch on Contractual basis. HOME-SPS-APMT2-0003-2016-46394 21-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-APMT2-0003-2016-46394-DT.21.12.2016.pdf
Promotion of Sri K K Samantaray, Dy. S.P. (SA) is allowed to avail the 2nd RACP, increment with corresponding higher GP only w.e.f.01/01/2013 in the corresponding scale. HOME-SPS-PMTN-0006-2016-45903 17-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-0006-2016-45903-DT.17.12.2016.pdf
Shaikh Ahemat Tulla,Commandant (Supertime Scale) is promoted to the rank of Commandant(Superior Administrative Grade) HOME-SPS-PMTN-0043-2016-44285 08-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-0043-2016-44285-DT.08.12.2016.pdf
Promotion of 2 (two) Commandants of Supertime Scale, OAPS Cadre are promoted to the rank of Commandant (SAG) in OAPS Cadre. HOME-SPS-PMTN-0043-2016-42969 30-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-0043-2016-42969-DT.30.11.2016.pdf
Promotion of Sk. Safique (UR) OAPS (Retd.) Ex- Asst. Commandant . HOME-SPS-PMTN-0040-2016-42743 28-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-0040-2016-42743-DT.28.11.2016.pdf
Promotion of Sri Ashish Kumar Dubey, (UR), OAPS, Asst. Commandant. HOME-SPS-PMTN-0037-2016-42740 28-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-0037-2016-42740-DT.28.11.2016.pdf
Promotion of 21 (Twenty-one) Subedars/ Reserve Inspectors of Police. HOME-SPS-PMTN-0016-2016-39644 08-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-SPS-PMTN-0016-2016-39644-DT.08.11.2016.pdf