Steno Establishment (Promotion)

Subject Office Order No Date Download
Sri Satyaban Sarangi, Supdt. is transferred & posted as Principal, OSTI, BBSR HOME-SE-1-PMTN-42671 02-12-2021 PDF icon 42671.pdf
Promotion of Home (PA/PS) Department Cadre. HOME-SE1-PMTN-41884 26-11-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE-1-PMTN -418840001.pdf
Sri Gangadhar Mohanty, Sr. Stenographer of Home Deptt. Cadre is Promoted to the rank of Personal Assistant. HOME-SE1-PMTN-31847 08-09-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE1-PMTN-318470001.pdf
One vacant post of Dy. Secy. in OSS Cadre in PA Deptt. is transferred to Home Deptt. accommodate Sri Manoranjan Biswal as Dy. Secretary in Home Deptt. HOME-OSS-PMTN-24376 14-07-2021 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-243760001.pdf
02 (two) Private Secretaries are promoted to the grade of Sr. Private Secretary. HOME-SE1-PMTN-24434 14-07-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE1-PMTN-244340001.pdf
Smt. Manasi Das, Pr. Private Secretary is Promoted to the Grade of Sr. Pr. Private Secretary. HOME-SE1-PMTN-23806 08-07-2021 PDF icon 238060001.pdf
Sri Dillip Kumar Pattanaik, Private Secretaries of Home Deptt. Cadre is Promoted to the Grade of Sr. Private Secretary. HOME-SE1-PMTN-23546 07-07-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE1-PMTN-23546.pdf
02 (two) Sr. Private Secretaries of Home Deptt. Cadre are Promoted to the Grade of Pr. Private Secretary. HOME-SE1-PMTN-23549 07-07-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE1-PMTN-23549.pdf
Smt. Shanti Kumari Rath, Supdt. & Ex-officio Addl. Secy. will remain in Addl. Charge of Principal, OSTI, BBSR. HOME-SE1-PMTN-23162 05-07-2021 PDF icon HOME-SEI-PMTN-23162.pdf
Sri Satyaban Sarangi, Ex-Sr. Pr. PS Promoted to the grade of Supdt. HOME-SE1-PMTN-22612 29-06-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE1-PMTN-226120001.pdf