OSS Notice

Title Notification No Date Download
04 (four) Asst. Section Officers are deployed to BMC till 15.02.2022. HOME-OSS-TRS-1206 14-01-2022 PDF icon 1206.pdf
Training Programme for 3rd Batch ASOs (OPSC-2018) working in different Departments of Odisha Secretariat. HOME-OSS-TRNG-44810 18-12-2021 PDF icon 44810_0001.pdf
Training Programme for 3rd Batch ASOs (OPSC-2018) of Odisha Secretariat. HOME-OSS-TRNG-42813 03-12-2021 PDF icon 42813.pdf
RULE HOME-OSS-RULE-4956 08-02-2021 PDF icon 4956.pdf
One vacant post of Under Secretary in OSS Cadre in Energy Deptt. temparaly transferred to Co-operation Deptt. accommodate Sri Bilay kumar Sarangi as Under Secretary. HOME-OSS-PMTN-31166 21-09-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-31166.pdf
Conseqent upon completion of the training on OSTI, BBSR during the session from 10.12.2019 to 26.03.2020. (66) ASOs are have passed in the final Departmental Examination held during 16.03.2020 to 19.03.2020. HOME-OSS-TRNG-25213 28-07-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRNG-252130001.pdf
One Jt. Secy. Post in OSS Cadre lying vacant in P & C Deptt. is hereby transferred temporaily to PA(CMO) Deptt. accommodate Sri Bishnu Prasad Mishra as Jt. Secy. in PA(CMO) Deptt. HOME-OSS-PMTN-21399 24-06-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-213990001.pdf
Sri Bikram Keshari Jena (Sl No -102) is hereby appointed & Posted as ASO in Governors Secretariat In OSS (Group-B) Cadre. HOME-OSS-APMT1-16731 11-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-APMT1-167310001.pdf
Sri Abhilash Bhoi (Sl No -776) is hereby appointed & Posted as ASO in SGH, Odisha In OSS (Group-B) Cadre. HOME-OSS-APMT1-16750 11-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-APMT1-167500001.pdf
Sri Binay Bhusan Mahapatra (Sl No -289) is hereby appointed & Posted as ASO in WR(CAD) Deptt. In OSS (Group-B) Cadre. HOME-OSS-APMT1-16743 11-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-APMT1-16743.pdf