OSS Notice

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25 (twenty five) Desk Officers are Promoted to the rank of Under Secretary in OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-28133 18-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-281330001.pdf
Induction Function for newly recruited Asst. Section Officers (ASOs) of State Secretariat has been Scheduled to be held on 26th July, 2019 from 08.00 AM to 02.00 PM at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar. HOME-OSS-APMT1-28235 19-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-APMT1-282350001.pdf
One Jt. Secy. Post in OSS Cadre lying vacant in FS & CW Deptt. is hereby transferred to Co-op Deptt. on 01.08.2019 i.e. after retirement of Sri Panigrahi on 31.07.2019 HOME-OSS-PMTN-27980 17-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-279800001.pdf
Sri Gour Prasad Das, Dy. Secretary, L & ESI Deptt. is transferred from L & ESI Deptt. to Home Deptt. HOME-OSS-PMTN-27735 16-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-277350001.pdf
One Dy. Secy. post in OSS Cadre lying vacant in L & ESI Deptt. is hereby transferred to Home Deptt. HOME-OSS-PMTN-27727 16-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-277270001.pdf
Consequent upon completion of the training in OSTI,BBSR during the session from 11.03.2019 to 21.06.2019, 79 (Seventy Nine) ASOs have passed in the final Departmental Examination. HOME-OSS-TRNG-26526 06-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRNG-265260001.pdf
Notification HOME-OSS-PMTN-26734 08-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-267340001.pdf
One Dy. Secy. post in OSS Cadre lying vacant in ST & SC Dev. Deptt. is hereby transferred to Home Deptt. Sri Debendra Kumar Dash, Dy. Secy. HOME-OSS-PMTN-23618 17-06-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-236180001.pdf
Joining Letter of Mr Dipak Nayak, ASO HOME-OSS-APMT1-22844 10-06-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-APMT1-228440001.pdf
Revised Scheme of Training for OSS Officers of the Secretariat. HOME-OSS-TRNG-21647 30-05-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRNG-216470001.pdf