OSS Promotion & Posting

Subject Notification Date Date PDF
Promotion & Posting of Smt. Sabitabala Parida, Under Secretary HOME-OSS-PMTN-0007-2015(PT)-45411 16-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-0007-2015(PT)-45411-DT.16.12.2016.pdf
Promotion of Under Secretaries in OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-0007-2015(PT)-45418 16-12-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-0007-2015(PT)-45418-DT.16.12.2016 (2).pdf
Promotion of Sri Prasant Ku. Das to the Post of ASO. HOME-OSS-PMTN-0002-2016-41602 22-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-0002-2016-41602-DT.22.11.2016.pdf
Promotion of Desk Officers/ Law Officer of OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-0005-2015(PT)-41527 21-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-0005-2015(PT)-41527-DT.21.11.2016.pdf
Transfer & Posting of OSS Cadre Officers HOME-OSS-TRS-0001-2015-40107 10-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRS-0001-2015-40107-DT.10.11.2016.pdf
One post of Jt. Secretary in OSS Cadre in A & F E Deptt. is hereby transfered to Home Deptt. for posting of Smt. S. Sarkar, Dy. Secy. as Jt. Secy. HOME-OSS-PMTN-0009-2014-39718 09-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-0009-2014-39718-DT,09.11.2016.pdf
Promotion of Dy. Secretaries of OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-0009-2014(PT)-39723 09-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-0009-2014(PT)-39723-DT.09.11.2016.pdf
Transfer of Officers in OSS Cadre HOME-OSS-PMTN-0005-2015(PT)-39659 08-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-0005-2015(PT)-39659-DT.08.11.2016.pdf
Promotion & Transfer of Officers in OSS Cadre HOME-OSS-TRS-0004-2016-39674 08-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRS-0004-2016-39674-DT.08.11.2016.pdf
Promotion of Under Secretaries to the rank of Deputy Secretary in OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-0007-2015(PT)-39666 08-11-2016 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-0007-2015(PT)-39666-08.11.2016.pdf