OSS Promotion & Posting

Subject Notification Date Date PDF
Sri Santosh Kumar Dalabehera, DO, FS & CW Deptt, is transferred & posted as OLL & C Deptt. HOME-OSS-TRS-3062 20-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRS-30620001.pdf
Promotion of 02 (two) Desk Officers to the rank of Under Secretary in OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-3075 20-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-30750001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Sri Manoj Kumar Singh, Under Secretary, Home Deptt. is hereby transfer to Finance Deptt. HOME-OSS-PMTN-3070 20-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-30700001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri Narasingh Prasad Patnaik, DO, HE, Deptt. is hereby transferred to Steel & Mines Deptt. & Promotion of Shri Bansidhar Mohanty, SO, HE, Deptt. is promoted to the rank of DO in OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-TRS-2724 17-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRS-27240001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri Jyoti Ranjan Nanda, SO, Promotion to the rank of DO, the post will be restored to its earlier position w.e.f. 01.07.2020. HOME-OSS-TRS-1994 14-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRS-19940001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Sri Manoranjan Das, Under Secy. Energy Deptt. posted as L & ESI Deptt. is hereby reposted to Law Deptt. HOME-OSS-PG4-1366 09-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PG4-13660001.pdf
Promotion of 24 (Twenty Four) .Under Secretaries to the rank of Dy. Secretary in OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-908 06-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-9080001.pdf
Promotion of Two Under Secretaries to the rank of Dy. Secretary in OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-914 06-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-9140001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of OSS Cadre Officers. HOME-OSS-TRS-530 03-01-2020 PDF icon HOME-OSS-TRS-5300001.pdf
Promotion of Sri Prakash Chandra Barik, Dy. Secy. to Govt. Home Deptt. is hereby Promoted to the rank of Jt. Secretary. HOME-OSS-PMTN-58150 31-12-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-PMTN-581500001.pdf