OSS Retirement

Subject Notification No. Date PDF
Retirement of Sri Rabindra Kumar Mishra, Dy. Secretary Rev. & DM Deptt. retire on 31.05.2021 is allowed to retire voluntarily From Govt. Service on 30.04.2019 (AN) on OCS (Pension) Rules, 1992 HOME-OSS-RTMT-17997 27-04-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-179970001.pdf
Retirement of 08 (eight) Officers of OSS Cadre w.e.f.30.04.2019 (A.N) HOME-OSS-RTMT-15495 06-04-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-154950001.pdf
Retirement of 03 (three) Officers in OSS Cadre w.e.f. 31.03.2019 (A.N) HOME-OSS-RTMT-10982 08-03-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-109820001.pdf
Retirement of 05 (five) Officers of OSS Cadre w.e.f. 28.02.2019 (A.N) HOME-OSS-RTMT-7484 16-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-74840001.pdf
Sri Prasanta Kumar Panda, SO, Works Deptt. whose date of birth is 01.07.1973 & due to retire on attaining the age of superannuation on 30.06.2033 is allowed to retire voluntarily w.e.f. 13.02.2019 (AN) HOME-OSS-RTMT-1815 11-01-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-18150001.pdf
07 (seven) Officers of OSS Cadre are retirement of Govt. Service w.e.f. 31.01.2019 (A.N) HOME-OSS-RTMT-402 04-01-2019 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-4020001.pdf
Retirement of 03 (three) Officers in OSS Cadre w.e.f. 31.12.2018 (A.N) HOME-OSS-RTMT-50626 05-12-2018 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-506260001.pdf
Retirement of 04 (four) Officers in OSS Cadre w.e.f. 31.10.2018 (A.N) HOME-OSS-RTMT-42370 05-10-2018 PDF icon 42370.pdf
Voluntarily retirement of Sri Mahendra Naik, Under Secretary to Govt., Works Deptt. HOME-OSS-RTMT-40070 18-09-2018 PDF icon 40070.pdf
Retirement of Sri Dhruba Charan Mahali (SC) Dy. Secretary, I & PR Deptt. w.e.f. 30.09.2018 (A.N) HOME-OSS-RTMT-38026 04-09-2018 PDF icon HOME-OSS-RTMT-380260001.pdf