Police Administration Creation

Subject Office Order No. Date PDF
Restructuring / bifurcation of Special Task Force (STF) under CID-CB, Odisha, Cuttack by creating a new unit i.e STF (Narcoties Unit) under CID-CB, Odisha. HOME-DA1-CRTN2-20344 04-06-2021 PDF icon HOME-DA1-CRTN2-20344.pdf
Establishment of a new Police Station called Angul Sadar Police Station. HOME-DA1-CRTN1-40911 22-12-2020 PDF icon 40911.pdf
Pirahat Outpost in Bhadrak Dist. to be a Police Station called Pirahat Police Station. HOME-DA1-CRTN1-40931 22-12-2020 PDF icon 40931.pdf
Establishment of a new Police Station called Bharatpur Police Station. HOME-DA1-CRTN1-40944 22-12-2020 PDF icon 40944.pdf
Sabrang Outpost in Bhadrak District to be a Police Station called Sabrang Police Station. HOME-DA1-CRTN1-40923 22-12-2020 PDF icon HOME-DA1-CRTN1-409230001.pdf
Belaguntha Outpost in Ganjam Dist. to be a Police Station called Belaguntha Police Station. HOME-DA1-CRTN1-40954 22-12-2020 PDF icon 40954.pdf
BTM Outpost in Jharsuguda Dist. to be a Police Station called Jharsuguda Sadar Police Station. HOME-DA1-CRTN1-40917 22-12-2020 PDF icon 40917.pdf
Creation of 1098 posts in Phase-I for implementation of Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) in the State. HOME-DA1-CRTN1-39298 07-12-2020 PDF icon HOME-DA1-CRTN1-392980001.pdf
Creation of 6 New Police Stations across the State. HOME-DA1-CRTN1-36838 16-11-2020 PDF icon HOME-DA1-CRTN1-36838.pdf
Augmentation of Strength of 220 Police Stations & 6 Outposts in 21 Police Districts across the State by Creation of 905 Posts in lieu of abolition of equal number of Vacant posts in same scale of pay in Spl. Operations Group (SOG) HOME-DA1-CRTN1-26901 13-08-2020 PDF icon HOME-DA1-CRTN1-269010001.pdf