Police Administration Creation

Subject Office Order No. Date PDF
Creation of Posts for the Special Task Force. HOME-DA1-CRTN2-0189-2015(PT-IV)-31289 07-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-DA1-CRTN2-0189-2015(PT-IV)-31289-DT.07.09.2016.pdf
The State Govt. do hereby declare establishment of a new Police Station called Puintala Police Station. HOME-DA1-CRTN2-0270-2015(PT)-20764 10-06-2016 PDF icon HOME-DA1-CRTN2-0270-2015(PT)-20764-DT.10.06.2016.pdf
Up-gradation of the post of O.I.C. to that of I.I.C. of Gosaninuagaon in Berhampur Police District and Khaira Police Station in Balasore District 17210(M) 28-05-2016 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN 2-0130-2015-17210(M)-DT.28.05.2015.pdf
Creation of posts for establishment of a Police Station at Puintala in Bolangir District. 2585 20-01-2016 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN2-0270-2015-2585-DT.20.01.2016.pdf
Constitution of Selection Board for examination of the claims of applicants, verification of original documents and making necessary recommendation for appointment to Group-A Service/Posts in Odisha Police Organization. 1434 12-01-2016 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-RULE-0194-2014(PT)-1434-DT.12.01.2016.pdf
Creation of posts for establishment of a Police Station at Puintala in Bolangir District. 43877 29-12-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN2-0270-2015-43877-DT.29.12.2015.pdf
Creation of posts for up-gradation of Muribahal Outpost to Police Station. 43871 29-12-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN2-0270-2015-43871-DT.29.12.2015.pdf
Creation of posts of Police personnel for the Court officers and for providing guards/escorts to the under trial prisoners from jails to different courts as well as Hospital guards for 32 Police Districts and Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. 40484 03-12-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN1-0036-2015-40484-DT.03.12.2015.pdf
Raising of one more Specialized India Reserve Battalion (SIRB) in the State. 38704 19-11-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN1-0185-2014-38704-DT.19.11.2015.pdf
Establishment of an Outpost near existing Cement manufacturing Units at Biswali ( a Unit of OCL India Ltd. ) under Tangi Police Station in Cuttack District. 36791 03-11-2015 PDF icon HOME-DA 1-CRTN2-0261-2015-36791-DT.03.11.2015.pdf