Prison Promotion & Posting

Subject Office Order No. Date PDF
The Supdt. , Spl. Jail, Rourkela is hereby kept in Addl. charge of Supdt., place of Safety at Rourkela. HOME-JAIL-MISC-995 08-01-2021 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-MISC-9950001.pdf
02 (two) Jailors are Promoted to the rank of Supdt. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-93 01-01-2021 PDF icon 93.pdf
02 (two) Sr. Supdt. of Circle Jail are Promoted to the rank of DIG of Prisons. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-81 01-01-2021 PDF icon 81.pdf
02 (two) Supdt. of District Jail are Promoted to the rank of Sr. Supdt. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-87 01-01-2021 PDF icon 87.pdf
The Sub-Collector , Rourkela is hereby in charge of Supdt. of OH & Spl. Home, Rourkela. HOME-JAIL-MISC-40849 21-12-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-MISC-408490001.pdf
Sri Gokul chandra Sethy Auditor in Directorate of Prisons is promoted to the rank of Asst. Audit Officer. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-36197 10-11-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-36197.pdf
Sri Tushar Kanta Mohanty, OAS(SAG), Addl. IG of Prisons, Odisha is hereby kept in charge of Director, Mahatma Gandhi Academy of Prisons & CS, Bhubaneswar. HOME-JAIL-PG1-23115 08-07-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PG1-231150001.pdf
Sri Saroj Kumar Biswal, Jailor-cum-Supdt., Sub-Jail, Kendrapara is Promoted to the rank of Supdt. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-22513 01-07-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-225130001.pdf
The Addl. Charge of DIG of Prisons, Cuttack Range, Cuttack assihned to Sri Gopabandhu Mallick, DIG of Prisons, Headquarter, Proson Directorate is hereby withdrawn. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-19642 08-06-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-196420001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Sri Tushar Kanta Mohanty, OAS (SAG), Addl. IG of Prisons, Odisha & Sri Ashok Kumar Gartia, OAS, Asst. IG of Prisons, Odisha. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-19508 05-06-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-19508.pdf