Prison Rules

Subject Office Order No Date Download
Jr. Clerk-cum-Typist, Jr. Accountant and Sr. Clerk-cum-Accountant of Prisons Organization of the State. HOME-JAIL-RULE-29404 19-08-2021 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-RULE-29404.pdf
Odisha Jail Service (Method of Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2012 and all other Rules, Orders, instructions relating to the Service covered by these rules except as respect things done or omitted to be done before such supersession. HOME-JAIL-RULE-29030 17-08-2021 PDF icon 29030.pdf
Regulate the method of recruitment & conditions of service of the persons appointed to the post of the Odisha Jail Service. HOME-JAIL-RULE-27975 09-08-2021 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-RULE-27975.pdf
Publication of Odisha model Jail manual, 2020 in Odisha Gazette. HOME-JAIL-RULE-31958 28-09-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-RULE-31958.pdf
Odisha Jail Audit Service (Method of Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2010. HOME-JAIL-PMTN-27620 20-08-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-PMTN-276200001.pdf
Policy relating to Transfer & Posting of Government employees of Prisons Organization. HOME-JAIL-TRS-21912 29-06-2020 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-TRS-219120001.pdf
Amendments HOME-JAIL-RULR-36961 29-08-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-RULE-369610001.pdf
(Method of Recruitment & Conditions of Service of Sub Assistant Jailor) Amendment Rules, 2018. HOME-JAIL-RULE-16261 11-04-2018 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-RULE-162610001.pdf
At Present Jail Warders are Provided basic training for a period of 09 months. HOME-JAIL-RULE-0001-2016-31102 03-09-2016 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-RULE-0001-2016-31102-DT.03.09.2016.pdf
Odisha Jail Manual Rules (Volume-1) HOME-JAIL-BUD 2-0006-2015- 35217 16-10-2015 PDF icon HOME-JAIL-BUD 2-0006-2015-35217-DT.16.10.2015.pdf