Subject Notification/Office Order No. Date PDF
Sri Bikram Sethy, Asst. PP (Cadre) Balliguda, Kandhamal is hereby transferred & posted as in the Court of PM, JJB, Jajpur. HOME-PROS-APMT1-48935 06-11-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-APMT1-489350001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Public Prosecutors to the OSPS (Group-A) HOME-PROS-APMT1-40859 17-09-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-APMT1-408590001.pdf
Appointed to the post of Addl. PP. HOME-PROS-APMT2-40199 12-09-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-APMT2-401990001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of PP belonging to the Odisha State Prosecution Service (Group-A) HOME-PROS-APMT1-29068 23-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-APMT1-290680001.pdf
Appointment 11 (eleven) Public Prosecutor in State Govtt. as Public Prosecutor in Group-A of the Odisha State Prosecution Service. HOME-PROS-APMT1-29076 23-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-APMT1-290760001.pdf
Recruitment to the Cadre of Public Prosecutor. HOME-PROS-PMTN-24122 20-06-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-PMTN-241220001.pdf
re-engagement of Shri Pranab Kumar Pradhan, OSPS-I(Retd.) as Spl. PP, Berhampur, Home Deptt. Notification No-24284 Dt. 31.05.2018 is hereby terminated as Shri Pradhan did not join in the post. HOME-PROS-APMT2-22286 04-06-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-APMT2-222860001.pdf
02 (two) Addl. PP (Group-A) of the Odisha Public Prosecution Service Cadre are promoted to the rank of PP (Group-A). HOME-PROS-PMTN-21962 01-06-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-PMTN-219620001.pdf
re-engagement of Shri Sunil Kumar Pati, OSPS-I (Retd.) as Consultant in GA & PG (Vigilance) Deptt. HOME-PROS-APMT2-21787 31-05-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-APMT2-217870001.pdf
Shri Parsuram Mohapatra, Ex-Cadre PP (Retd.) who was re-engaged as Spl. PP. HOME-PROS-PG4-14720 30-03-2019 PDF icon HOME-PROS-PG4-147200001.pdf