Steno Establishment (Others)

Subject Office Order No Date Download
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-41825 30-12-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-418250001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-15535 15-04-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-155350001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-15526 15-04-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-155260001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-13697 31-03-2021 PDF icon 136970001.pdf
Engagement of retired personnel of Home (Steno/PA/PS) Department Cadre as OSD. HOME-SE1-APMT2-13542 30-03-2021 PDF icon 135420001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-11748 19-03-2021 PDF icon 117480001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-11741 19-03-2021 PDF icon 117410001.pdf
Shri Pradeep Kumar Biswal, OSD posted with Shri S K Vashishth, IAS, Spl. Secretary, Agril. & FE Deptt. HOME-SE-2-TRS-11480 18-03-2021 PDF icon 114800001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-11236 16-03-2021 PDF icon 112360001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-3638 29-01-2021 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-36380001.pdf