Steno Establishment (Others)

Subject Office Order No Date Download
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-16017 01-05-2020 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-16017.pdf
All Sr. Pr. PS/Pr.PS/Sr.PS/PS/PA of Home Department Cadre are directed to join in their respective Place of Posting. HOME-SE-2-TRS-15460 21-04-2020 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-15460.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-15276 19-04-2020 PDF icon 15276.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-15280 19-04-2020 PDF icon 15280.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-15284 19-04-2020 PDF icon 15284.pdf
CORRINGENDUM home-se-2-trs-13297 18-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-132970001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-12911 16-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-129110001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-11500 06-03-2020 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-115000001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-10122 28-02-2020 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-101220001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-9735 26-02-2020 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-97350001.pdf